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Kurt's first televised hour of stand up coming to Comedy Central March 3rd

Kurt Braunohler  
TRUST ME on Comedy Central
Kurt performing The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Kurt on The Late Show with James Corden
Kurt Braunohler Stand-Up The Conan O'Brien Show. 

Comedian Kurt Braunohler performs jokes about hating biscotti and being single in New York City.

Comedian Kurt Braunoholer performs jokes about an alien-like experience he had at a restaurant and what comes with a solo canoe trip.

Kurt shows you the perfect way to freak out a stranger on Facebook with a single Like.

This Is Not Happening - Kurt Braunohler Beats Up a DJ - Uncensored
The Meltdown on Comedy Central
Kurt's performance - John Oliver Presents on Comedy Central

Kurt Braunohler gets into a drunken brawl with a DJ that ends about as weirdly as any fight could.

Kurt Braunohler eats the saddest snack in the world while reading jokes he tweeted that nobody liked. 

The first room of Kurt Braunohler's apartment is covered in his writing.